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Nam Joo-hyuk Before Start-Up

You might be familiar with Nam Joo-hyuk since he started playing an awkward IT geek named Nam Do-san in tvN’s 2020 famous drama Start-Up. But, vì you know that prior to that drama, he used to lớn play the same awkward, calm guy role in another tvN drama titled Cheese in the Trap (2016)? The drama is an adaptation of a webtoon of the same name, và it tells the story of campus couples with complicated personalities.You watching: Nam joo hyuk joins “cheese in the trap” drama

So, are you curious about Nam Joo-hyuk’s appearances in this drama? If you are, kiểm tra out this article to find out more!

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Role Announcement


In August năm ngoái, Nam Joo-hyuk was announced to lớn be one of the cast that would be featured in tvN’s drama project Cheese in the Trap. Nam Joo-hyuk, who was a newcomer at that timewas honored to lớn play alongside actors like Kyên Go-eun, Park Hae-jin, Seo Kang-joon, Park Min-ji, and even his future ex-girlfrikết thúc Lee Sung-kyung. On top of that, it was revealed that he was a loyal reader of the webtoon version of Cheese in the Trap by Soonkki. The drama aired in mid-October năm ngoái every Monday and Tuesday.

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Previously, Nam Joo-hyuk was involved in KBS2’s drama Who Are You: School 2015. Nam Joo-hyuk played the lead character alongside the young actress Kim So-hyun.

Cheese in the Trap tells the story of the campus couple Hong Seol (Kyên ổn Go-eun) và her boyfriover Yoo Jeong (Park Hae-jin) along with other quirky characters. In the drama, Nam Joo-hyuk plays Kwon Eun-taek, a handsome & kind-hearted student who is one of Hong-seol’s best friends alongside Jang Bo-ra (Park Min-ji).

The three of them are friendly and inseparable at the university. It turns out, Eun-taek và Bo-ra have sầu been developing feelings for each other & eventually become a couple.

In the webtoon version, Eun-taek is described as a tall and xinh tươi student who seems a little clumsy but is a reliable and trustworthy friover. That’s why this role fits Nam Joo-hyuk perfectly because of his tall figure and innocent expression. Even though he is not the main character, his presence as the xinh tươi and dreamy boyfriend of Hong-seol’s best friend makes K-drama lovers swoon over hyên.

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Scenes in Cheese in the Trap

As we know, Nam Joo-hyuk played the role of Eun-taek, a supporting best friover of Hong Seoul and Bo-ra. Although the three of them are always together, somehow Eun-taek began khổng lồ develop a crush on Bo-ra. Despite Eun-taek being one year younger than Bo-ra, he always displays the protective sầu oppage authority aura lớn his crush. He is also always there for her whenever she needs hlặng.

At first, he acts nervous whenever he’s around Bo-ra (since it was a secret crush). So, he often hides his crush by acting funny or joking around.

But, despite the secrecy, he always acts as a protector to both of his friends và especially his crush. In one of the scenes, he throws a ball after seeing one of the seniors annoying her.See more: Tin Tức Diễn Viên Hồng Sơn 2021 Mới Nhất, Dàn Sao Việt Nghiện Ma Túy Và Cái Kết Bi Thương

Luckily, Eun-taek became the boyfriend of Bo-ra after his secret crush. And, even when he’s already her boyfriend, he still shows the same attentive side as before. Every scene that features hyên became a scene where audiences fell in love with his soft charm.

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It seems like Nam Joo-hyuk nailed the character of Eun-taek perfectly!

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Chemistry with Park Min-ji


As we see in the drama, the chemistry between Eun-taek and Bo-ra really hits the roof. Since the two characters are friends prior khổng lồ becoming a couple, we can see how they are comfortable and natural towards each other. And, part of the reason why their chemistry is spot on is because of the fact that Nam Joo-hyuk và Park Min-ji are friends in real life.

Just lượt thích in the drama, Nam Joo-hyuk và Park Min-ji like to lớn tease each other a lot. And, just lượt thích in the drama, Park Min-ji is a senior to lớn Nam Joo-hyuk. So, no wonder they really fit the noona-romance concept.

In an interview with X Sports News after the filming finished, Park Min-ji talked about her thoughts on working with Nam Joo-hyuk. She said, “Many viewers seem khổng lồ show love and interest in our acting thanks to lớn the charming Eun-taek. I’m relieved and glad.”

“He’s very comfortable lớn be around, & as he is rather young, we skipped all the awkwardness và became cđại bại in no time. Coming up with ideas under the director’s guidance & creating scenes together was comfortable. I had fun. He’s got a witty character, & that made working with hyên ổn enjoyable,” she added, highlighting the similarities between Nam Joo-hyuk & Eun-taek’s characters.

“He was always a dễ thương friend, so I had no choice but khổng lồ view hyên ổn cutely,” Park Min-ji said regarding her view on her co-star.

The viewers were sometimes quite annoyed when they saw Bo-ra who was conflicted và repeatedly rejected Eun-taek. In a separate interview, Park Min-ji said that she felt the same way about the character she plays.

“I’m also really frustrated. Bora and I are really different when it comes to dating. I’m a person who focuses more on what I feel right now. I think it’s not that Bo-ra doesn’t like Eun-taek, it’s just that she’s too worried about her relationship later. I’ll bởi vì it if you lượt thích it. just dating,” said Park Min-ji.

When asked if Park Min-ji likes the type of guy like Eun-taek, the actress was quite hesitant khổng lồ respond. The reason is, Park Min-ji is not the type of woman who likes younger men.See more: Các Loại Tiền Tệ Trên Thế Giới, Tiền Tệ Là Gì

“To be honest, Eun-taek is the perfect guy. Even though he is lượt thích a friover, he really likes me and sees me as a woman. Moreover, he is tall & handsome,” said the actress.

She went on, “I realized that I really lượt thích guys who have a crush on me. I like guys I feel comfortable with. But, there is one problem. I don’t want khổng lồ date younger guys, I like older guys. About Eun-taek, I’m really upphối.”