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ProShow Producer is a software that allows you to create and edit videos in a professional manner.The interface of the program is intuitive. Users can follow three simple steps - add photos, video and music, use "Slide Options" to customize slides, and then create the output files in several formats.So, you can use the file browser to search for media files and add them to the timeline by using the "drag and drop" method.Furthermore, you can add from hundreds of transitions (basic, blocks, fly in and out, image adjustments, page, patterns, shapes, simulations, slides and pushes, themed, two-sided, wipes).You can also create layers, configure video settings, edit the video (e.g. contrast, brightness, sharpen, blur, hue, opacity, red-eye reduction), adjust motion and adjustment effects, change caption settings and caption motion, as well as configure sound effects.In addition, you can toggle between the timeline and slide list, import music from an audio CD, use text on captions, manage the soundtrack, import and export templates, add watermarks, use the "Undo" and "Redo" functions, enable full screen playback, and much more.Once your project is complete, you can create an output for televisions (DVD, Blu-ray), social media, web shows, computers (PC executable, video files, autorun CD), and others (e.g. send via email, use as screensaver).The program uses a high amount of resources (evidently) and comes with a very well-drawn help file, as well as a "New project" wizard for rookies. The downside is that certain functions take a long time to load (e.g. when ProShow Producer is reading transitions).Although the program aims to teach novices how to use its features, it has some advanced functions that are only accessible to expert users. The bottom line is that we recommend ProShow Producer for personal use while keeping in mind that it needs a lot of system memory.

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Layers:Add an unlimited number of layers to any slide.Drag and drop to easily add content to a show.Supports 100+ file types.Transparency support for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF files.Turn any layer into a fully-customized mask to conceal or reveal aspects of underlying layers.Add a gradient or solid color as a slide layer to a layer to get incredible results.Spice up a presentation using interactive slide actions to launch PDFs, spreadsheets, webpages and more.Set transition effects for individual layers.Editing:Optimize your workflow using built-in image correction tools like sharpen, colorize, saturate and more.Create enhanced borders for your photos and videos with ProShow Producer"s all-new vignette effect.Create Hollywood-style greenscreen effects with the all-new Chroma Key Transparency tool.Specify opacity for any layer on a slide.Add depth to your composition by adjusting the color and opacity of a shadow on any layer in a slide.Crop and rotate your photos and videos with precision.Use the red-eye removal tool to correct any photo in your show in seconds.Effects:Use adjustment effects to produce spectacular effects. Make a video move through color shifts or create a sequence of photo fades.Add multiple keyframes to each adjustment effect.Motion:Add motion like pan, zoom and rotate to any layer on a slide for a cinematic effect.Zoom X and Y coordinates for a layer individually and zoom out further than ever before.Create complex motion paths by setting multiple keyframe points on the keyframe timeline.The fully-customizable slide preview grid allows you to accurately position your photos and videos on a slide.Captions:Control the font, size and color of captions in your slides.Use caption keyframing to create multiple caption motion effects on a single slide.Animate your captions with more amazing effects to choose from than ever before.Add interactive captions to launch actions like Pause, Resume, Next Slide, Previous Slide, Write Email and many more.Gain greater design control over captions with ProShow Producer"s new caption styles, caption line spacing and caption character features.Music and Sounds:Enhance slide shows by dropping in any MP3 or WAV audio file.Save an audio track directly from a CD and drop it right into your slide show.Crop your audio and set fades using the built-in Audio Trimmer.Built-in soundtrack waveform in slide list.Backgrounds:Add interest to your slide shows with solid colors, gradients, or videos as backgrounds.Use the new, built-in backgrounds to spruce-up your slide shows.Control the adjustment levels of your background content.ProShow Prodcuer 3.0 Output Formats:DVD (with PC playback)VCD (with PC playback)Autorun CDSelf-contained EXEShare shows via emailStreaming web showFree online show sharingStreaming Flash videoCompressed AVIUncompressed AVIQuickTime videoHigh definition video (HD)Windows Media Video (WMV)MPEG 1 and 2ScreensaverProductivity:Use slide show templates to boost productivity.ProShow Producer provides native support for RAW files from digital cameras.Use ProShow Producer"s Projects mode to streamline workflow.ProShow Producer"s refreshed user interface includes a soundtrack waveform, a new slide options dialog and a favorites pane.Get a close-up view of your work with a click of the mouse using the new Full Screen View.Recover moved or misplaced files from a show easily with the new Find Missing Files feature.Take complete control over show timing with the new timeline view.Business Oriented Features:Capture Frames feature allows you to output JPeG files of each slide for printing.Watermark all the slides in your show with one click.Include your personal branding information and logo on PC shows and DVD menus to promote your business.Copy Protect CDs and EXE slide shows from unauthorized copying.

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1024x768 display1GHz+ processor1GB system memoryAccelerated 3D graphics - 64MB ramDVD+R/RW/-R/RW writer70 MB hard drive spaceAdvanced Text with Text Layers:All new Text Layers let you add captions to your slides in a whole new wayText Layers appear in the Layer List with your photos and videos, but use textText Layers allow all kinds of advanced effects with text that were never before possible with ProShowWork with Text Layers easily:Easily convert between traditional captions and text layersWhen converting a caption, your caption settings are automatically maintainedText Layers provide a familiar interface for configuring the font, placement, and effectsNew Text Settings and Text Effects tabs give you easy access to text settings for a Text LayerCopy keyframe settings between layers and text layersCreate effects that were previously impossibleText Layers can be used as masks to mask layers based on the shape of letters or wordsUse Text Layers as adjustment layers to apply adjustment effects in the shape of textMix Text Layers with normal layers to place text behind photos and videosBlur tex...
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