How to shutdown windows


There are times in which we wish lớn have sầu our PC shut down automatically after sometime. May be if there is a chance that you may fall asleep watching a movie online or if you want to go for some other work and need a tải về lớn be completed. In all these cases it will be a great help if the PC shut down automatically according to lớn the timer set by us.

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There are many ways to vày this. Let’s explore some of these methods.

Using Windows Command:

1.xuất hiện the Run window by pressing Windows+R . In the run commvà box type the commvà ” shutdown -s -t 3600 /f ” . Now cliông xã OK.

Note that if its not working you can also use shutdown /s /t 3600 . 3600 in seconds means it will shut down itself after 3600 seconds. You can put your desired time in seconds to shutdown your windows 10 PC automatically after some time.


Note: – In windows 8 and later versions ” shutdown /s /t 3600 /f ” can also be used. Both commands are equivalent.

Here the meaning of different arguments used in the comm& are:

/s – shutdown

/t – time in seconds. Here 3600 seconds is the time given. So the system will shut down after 3600 seconds that is 1 hour.

/f- ‘force shutdown’ option is enabled.

Now your automatic shutdown is scheduled. This will be shown as a notification in the task bar.


2. But what if your plans have changed và you need khổng lồ abort the shut down process scheduled. Don’t worry you can vì chưng it easily. Just open the Run window by pressing Windows+ R. Type the command ” shutdown -a ” và cliông xã OK. Here the argument -a stands for abort.


Now you can see the notification about cancelling the shut down.

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Thus the scheduled shut down is cancelled.

Create Scheduled tự động shutdown Daily, weekly or Monthly

Using the task scheduler in our windows we can set options to lớn automatically shut down our system. This have many options. We can schedule the task of shut down for any intervals like daily or once and mix a time at which the task will be done.For this follow these steps.

Open the task scheduler from the tìm kiếm panel or navigate to Control panel->System and security-> Administrative sầu Tools -> Task Scheduler.Select the Create Basic Task option under the Actions tab.


2.Give a name khổng lồ the task like Automatic shutdown or tự động hóa shut down windows as you wish. Then cliông chồng next.


2.Now choose the frequency of the task. If you want to lớn schedule the shut down at a particular time everyday or just one day select the option according to your convenience. Then cliông xã next.


3.Now mix the time when the sự kiện will start. If it is set as one- time event then at the scheduled time system will shut down that day. If any other period is set then after every interval the task of shut down will be done. After setting the start time cliông chồng next.


4.Now in kích hoạt tab select ‘Start a program’ & click next.


5.In the Program/script bar type the path ‘ C:WindowsSystem32shutdown.exe ‘ . Give sầu ‘ /s ‘ as the argument. Cliông chồng next.


6.Now complete the scheduled task by clicking Finish.


Now shutdown is scheduled for the given time. If you want khổng lồ cancel or remove sầu the task just go khổng lồ task scheduler và right-clichồng on the task we created for automatic shutdown and select disable. To remove the task permanently select delete.

These methods can be used khổng lồ automatically shut down your system. So now no worries about forgetting khổng lồ shut down the system. Just schedule it using any of the above sầu methods và it is done.