Windows 10 Build 16299 has been confirmed as the final version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Microsoft has just started rolling out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to the public. Here you can get the official ISO images made by Microsoft khổng lồ install this build from scratch.

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Download Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Official ISO Images

To get the official ISO images, you need lớn bởi the following.

To download them WITHOUT USING Media Creation Tool, refer khổng lồ the article:

Download Official Windows 10 ISO Images Directly Without Media Tool

Download the lachạy thử version of Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from here

Download Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

I suggest you to use the most recent version khổng lồ avoid issues with downloading of ISO files.

Run the apps và accept the license agreement to lớn proceed next.


Once you see the page "What bởi you want to do?", tiông chồng the option Create installation truyền thông media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC as shown in the screenshot below.


The next page, “Select language, architecture, & edition”, will allow you to lớn choose your language, edition & machine architecture of Windows 10. Media Creation Tool will fill these values from your current operating system, so kiểm tra them carefully before you proceed. If something doesn"t match your preferences, untick the option "Use the recommended options" & change values in the drop down boxes.


Finally, on the page "Choose which truyền thông media to use", pichồng the option "ISO file" & click the Next button.

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Next, on “Choose which truyền thông media to use” page, select ISO tệp tin và then clichồng the Next button. You will be prompted to choose a directory khổng lồ save the ISO tệp tin. That"s it!


Note: The ISO image will come with both Home and Pro editions of Windows 10.

As of this writing, Microsoft has released a number of cumulative updates for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update RTM Build 16299. The most recent is build 16299.19. See the following article:

Windows 10 Build 16299.19 is out with KB4043961

Here is the menu of articles you might want lớn read before downloading Windows 10 Fall Creators Update:

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hello again , i have managed to get the last insider pđánh giá build two days ago and install it …its a win 10 enterprise x 64 edition RS3 FALL CREATOR UPDATE but i see there is no in pholớn rephối story 3D effects ???? … its a strange /???

is there a way or ways khổng lồ get full version of photo reset story with 3D effects & install it on my way … as i dont understand why there is no 3D Effect button , other buttons are existing and working well …text, music, themes, và others ….. thank you …